‘Think global, act local’ is a key marketing term, representing the idea that multinational companies should be encouraged wherever possible to establish their roots locally.

‘Think global, act local’ as a term was, according to Wikipedia, coined by the Scottish town planner Patrick Geddes, who made significant contributions towards environmental protection. However, there is much discussion as to who did indeed coin the term ‘Think global, act local’.

‘Think global, act local’ returns thousands of online hits and is used in publications, images and advertising slogans, as well as to give products a greater dimension than a simple launch at national level.

‘Think global, act local’ is even part of the McDonald’s mission statement, which shows that the company is highly committed to its immediate surroundings. McDonald’s uses the slogan to show that it takes its duties in relation to people, society and the environment very seriously.

‘Think global, act local’ is a marketing term that makes it very clear that, while many developments are happening on a global level, you should always be aware of the consequences such developments have locally, both now and in the future. What impact do global developments have on me, my city, my family, my company, my relatives or my products?

‘Think global, act local’ has become a global ‘brand’ in its own right, a slogan known by a significant percentage of the global population which can therefore be used for a whole range of brands, cities, countries, products and developments.

‘Think global, act local’ is a slogan for leading brands. In using the slogan, the brand not only ‘claims’ to be a global player, it also offers the familiarity and warmth of that person just down the road who will help you choose your own product, service, organisation or even staff.

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